How to unlock all Operators in Black Ops Cold War

Keshav Bhat

Black Ops Cold War introduces a new set of Operators to the field, with two factions included: NATO and Warsaw Pact. 

Treyarch is bringing new characters and crew to Black Ops Cold War. Players can unlock and play with new characters in the Black Ops experience from the game’s campaign and story. 

There are 13 Operators available in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War at launch. Similar to Modern Warfare, the Operators have no gameplay advantages. There’s only cosmetic differences between each one. 

Here’s a look at the Operators and how to unlock each one of them while you play the game. 


  • Hunter: Unlocked by default 
  • Song: Unlocked by default
  • Adler: In MP, get 10 kills with Scorestreaks. 
  • Park: In Zombies, successfully exfil 3 times.
  • Sims: In MP, Destroy 10 enemy vehicles or scorestreaks. 
  • Baker: In MP, get 100 eliminations with a Sniper Rifle.
  • Woods: In MP, Get 5 kills without dying 15 times. 

Warsaw Pact 

  • Vargas: Unlocked by default
  • Powers: Unlocked by default 
  • Portnova: In MP, kill 50 enemies revealed by scorestreaks or Field Upgrades. 
  • Beck: In Zombies, get 200 eliminations using Pack-A-Punched weapons. 
  • Garcia: In Fireteam Dirty Bomb, detonate or help your team detonate 5 Dirty Bombs. 
  • Stone: In MP, perform 15 finishing movies.  

Season 1 Operators:

A new Operator joined the action with Season 1: Stitch. Get the Season One Battle Pass to unlock Stitch at Tier 0, and level up to Tier 100 to get exclusive skins of Stitch.

The infamous one-eyed Gulag escapee is unlocked at Tier 0. With this unlock comes his “Redacted” skin, the signature armor he stepped out of the shadows with to greet Adler as the CIA agent fell into his nefarious trap.

This instant unlock also comes with the “Release Agent” Operator Mission, a set of objectives based in Multiplayer that rewards two skins – “Storm Diver” and “Spectre” – as well as a Calling Card, an Emblem., and plenty of XP to help set you on the path to reaching Prestige Master.

Call of Duty League Operator:

Get the Call of Duty League Operator with the Call of Duty League Launch Pack, available in the in-game store for $9.99.

A new CDL Operator is included in this pack with two variant skins — a black outfit and a white outfit.

All of these Operators can also be used in Call of Duty: Warzone as soon as you’ve unlocked them in Black Ops Cold War. 

The full Black Ops Cold War integration with Warzone, which will include the game’s weapons and more, will occur on December 10 with Season One. 

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