How to get free ‘Dumpster Fire’ Weapon Charm in Cold War & Warzone Season 3

Andrew Highton
cod cold war dumpster fire weapon charm

Activision has poked fun at its critics with the new Dumpster Fire Weapon Charm that is free for all Cold War & Warzone players in Season 3. Follow our quick and easy guide to score one for yourself.

You have to give credit where credit’s due because Activision has not only light-heartedly made a tribute to criticism of its Call of Duty franchise, but they’ve offered it for free.

Both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone have both been guilty of numerous bugs and glitches that throw up the most bizarre scenarios in the games. With the launch of Season 3, Cold War has already had the Bravo 433 Destructive Gator error and unlock issues with the R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow.

Whereas Warzone has had insane glitches instantly killing players at Train Station and in mid-air. Despite all the bugs over the last few months, Activision has been able to handle the regular “Dumpster Fire” comments, embrace them, and make a free Weapon Charm to commemorate them.

How to unlock Dumpster Fire Weapon Charm in CoD

cod cold war warzone dumpster fire

People tend to overlook Call of Duty’s Weapon Charms in favor of shiny Camos and animated Calling Cards. This is a shame as there’s plenty of cool charms you can have dangling next to your automatic killing machine.

Here’s how you can add the Dumpster Fire Weapon Charm to your collection:

  1. Boot up CoD: Cold War or Warzone
  2. Head to game’s store
  3. Search through the Bundles until you see Free Bundle
  4. It should contain the Dumpster Fire Weapon Charm and a Double Weapon XP Token
  5. Press the action button to purchase it (don’t worry, it’s free!)
  6. Press to Quick Equip it to assign it to your desired loadout
cod weapon charm doge

That’s all you need to do. Now you can go around either Call of Duty game sporting a literal Dumpster Fire.

As well as the Weapon Charm, there is of course the Double Weapon XP token for you to make use of and level up some of the best new meta weapons.

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Image credits: Activision