How to find the Nuketown RC-XD Easter egg in Black Ops Cold War

Andrew Highton

Possibly Call of Duty’s most famous multiplayer map has returned once again. But it also comes in its most complete form and we’ll show you why with our guide on how to find the Nuketown RC-XD easter egg in Black Ops Cold War.

There’s a reason why Nuketown is reused over and over in CoD games – because everyone loves it. It’s appeared in all the Black Ops games and continues that trend with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

But people have been wondering if any significant changes have been made to it this time round. We can report the map remains completely intact and it’s retained its authenticity. This means that some of its special nuances are still included, and we’ll show you how to find one of the map’s greatest secrets.

Nuketown RC-XD secret

RC-XD scorestreak in BOCW

Thanks to Reddit user Lulatheq, we’ve been able to ascertain that this secret, which has been available since the map’s original inception, is still possible.

Obtaining an RC-XD is fairly standard, but to emphasize this triviality, but in order to get your hands on an RC-XD, you will need to meet the following requirements.

  1. You need to be at least Level 9 to unlock it
  2. Select the “RC-XD” as one of your Scorestreaks
  3. Achieve a score of 800 in a game
  4. Deploy it

In Nuketown, each team starts at each side of the map, in a garden, behind a house. But in each garden, there is a small hole at the bottom of one of the fences. The gap just happens to be big enough to welcome the presence of an RC-XD.

So what you’ll do is activate the RC-XD scorestreak, drive it through the hole in the fence, and you’ll negotiate a mini-road and ramp. Eventually, you’ll reach the other end of the map and that house’s hole in the fence. Drive through it, and hopefully detonate it near spawning enemies for some easy kills.

Check out the video of how to do it below.

This is an absolute cinch to get some easy kills at the beginning of a round of Search & Destroy.

You should now know how to take advantage of one of Nuketown’s greatest secrets and get more kills in the process.

Image credits: Treyarch