Game-breaking bug gives players “Wall Hacks” in Black Ops Cold War

Nicholas Sakadelis
Black Ops Cold War Wall Hacks glitch

It appears players are now seeing the name tags of players through walls in Black Ops Cold War, granting players wall hacks and destroying the competitive integrity of the game.

Black Ops Cold War is no stranger to bugs, with ones appearing to give players access to underneath the map, and another that broke the newly added FARA 83 Assault Rifle that has since been patched. Now it appears a new and rather game-breaking bug has appeared in the fan-favorite competitive game mode, Search & Destroy.

In a Twitter video posted by Search & Destroy YouTuber, DylanSeeK, we see this bug in-action. During the course of a regular game, SeeK spawns in to notice that the nametag of an enemy is clearly in-view from across the map, giving him knowledge of the players location throughout the course of the entire round.

Due to this, he was able to pick off a clean kill on the enemy early into the round, as the game basically granted him the equivalent of “wall hacks” during the round. We’re unsure exactly how this occurs, but we’re willing to bet this is somehow tied to players appearing in the final killcam, and their nameplate not disappearing in-between rounds.

Understandably, this bug could be game breaking when used for League Play or in an official CDL competitive match. We hope this doesn’t become the case and that Treyarch gets around to fixing this in a future update.

As of now, the bug is not listed on the official Treyarch Trello board, so we’ve reached out to Treyarch to make them aware of this issue. We’ll be sure to update when Treyarch releases a statement regarding this bug, or if they fix it altogether.

Image Credit: Treyarch / DylanSeeK

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