Frustrating BOCW glitch is making players delete the game by accident

Hamza Khalid
Black Ops Cold War helicopter

There are reports of a new Black Ops Cold War glitch that is causing players to delete the game’s multiplayer by accident.

Black Ops Cold War players have been dealing with their fair share of issues with the game, with many reporting problems like the ‘Connection Interrupted’ server error making it “unplayable.”

Now, a new glitch has been discovered that is causing more problems for the Black Ops Cold War community, as there are reports of a prompt that causes players to accidentally delete the game’s multiplayer.

Black Ops Cold War operators

Reddit user ‘ChillenDylan3530’ highlighted this bizarre glitch in the Black Ops Cold War subreddit, claiming that they got a message to “delete multiplayer” when playing the game’s Zombies mode.

The Redditor stated: “I went into the store to get a ‘free bundle’ and went back to queue for a multiplayer game and without realizing the game prompted me to ‘delete multiplayer’ and I accidentally clicked through like I normally do when I go to find a match.”

Many of the commenters reported experiencing the problem, and one user wrote: “Ugh, it did that with me and I deleted multiplayer by accident. What’s more frustrating than anything is that is the only mode I play.”

Another user reported getting the same prompt to delete Black Op Cold War’s multiplayer due to inactivity, even though they had played one week prior. This led to the player claiming that “something is broken.”

This is a very troublesome glitch, as players can end up deleting multiplayer simply by clicking at the wrong time in Black Ops Cold War’s lobby, so the developers will need to address this soon.

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