Frustrating Black Ops 4 Scorestreak bug is back in Cold War 2 years later

Liam Mackay

A bug with the Gunship Scorestreak many Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players will remember all too well has now also appeared in Black Ops Cold War.

Although Modern Warfare (2019) had a brand new engine, both BO4 and BOCW use updated versions of the . Due to this, we’ve already seen some assets from Black Ops 4 appear in Cold War, but now a frustrating bug with the Gunship Scorestreak has also reappeared.

With each new Call of Duty being released yearly, developers have limited time to get the game ready for launch. Bugs and glitches always make their way into the full-release, and this has understandably also been the case this year with developers working through a pandemic.

A bug that first appeared in 2018’s Black Ops 4 is making the Gunship Scorestreak unusable in Cold War multiplayer.

Gunship Scorestreak broken

Shortly after taking control of the Gunship, your Operator will put the laptop away, taking away your hard-earned streak. This Scorestreak costs 10,000 points, making it the most difficult streak to earn. Earning the Gunship is a real achievement which makes this glitch all the more frustrating.

The bug was highlighted by Reddit user Pony_Baloney, who had also reported the exact same problem in Black Ops 4 two years ago.

“I submitted this bug report several times throughout 2018,” they explained on December 29. “As a long-time COD player it’s honestly disappointing to see a glitch from three year-old code still completely unchanged.”

“Especially in this game when earning a Gunship is ridiculously hard,” they concluded.

Gunship in action on Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

In Pony_Baloney’s previous post, they said the glitch often happens when several Gunships have been launched in the same match. In the clip they uploaded alongside the post, they shoot down another Gunship before launching their own, so this appears to remain true in Cold War.

Treyarch devs are keeping players up-to-date on BOCW issues they are aware of through their Trello board, but this Scorestreak bug isn’t on the list. However, it’s worth checking the board again after the festive season.

Image Credit: Treyarch
Video Credit: Pony_Baloney

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