Every Warzone & Cold War Season 2 Reloaded mid-season update bundle

Matt Porter
Black Ops Cold War character using a sniper rifle

The Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Reloaded mid-season update is officially here, and 15 new bundles have been discovered in the game files by COD Tracker.

The mid-season update is the biggest patch the game has received since Cold War and Warzone Season 2 started, introducing some major bug fixes, a nerf for the ultra-powerful AUG, and the activation of the Containment Monitor Stations , allowing players to purchase the new Foresight streak.

Of course, data miners and leakers are already sifting through the game files to see what else has been added to the games, and discovering secrets and new items that will be making an appearance in both titles in the near future.

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Players are always excited to see what new cosmetics will be coming in the near future in the form of Operator bundles, which include character models, weapon skins, emblems, reticles, and more. Thanks to COD Tracker, we can take a look at every Operator bundle coming to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

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Ancient Sacrifice – 800 CoD Points

Ancient Sacrifice Call of Duty bundle

Automatic Return – 500 CoD Points

Automatic Return Call of Duty bundle

Bogged Down – 1,600 CoD Points

Bogged Down Call of Duty bundle

Bomb Squad – 1,000 CoD Points

Bomb Squad Call of Duty bundle

Corpse Collector – 2,000 CoD Points

Corpse Collector Call of Duty bundle

Hellscream Mastercraft Bundle – 2,400 CoD Points

Hellscream Mastercraft Call of Duty bundle

Hippity Hoppity – 2,000 CoD Points

Hippity Hoppity Call of Duty bundle

Jackpot Sniper – 1,200 CoD Points

Jackpot Sniper Call of Duty bundle

Rivas Operator Bundle – 2,400 CoD Points

Rivas Operator Call of Duty bundle

Stitch Sentinel – 2,400 CoD Points

Stitch Sentinel Call of Duty bundle

Take Charge! – 1,800 CoD Points

Take Charge! Call of Duty bundle

Tracer Pack: Gigaswatt Mastercraft Bundle – 2,200 CoD Points

Tracer Pack Gigaswatt Mastercraft Call of Duty bundle

Tracer Pack: Stoner’s Delight Bundle – 2,400 CoD Points

Tracer Pack Stoners Delight Call of Duty bundle

Valkyrie Rising – 1,100 CoD Points

Valkyrie Rising Call of Duty bundle

Wolf Operator Bundle – 2,400 CoD Points

Wolf Operator Call of Duty bundle

Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of unique looks for players to rock in Warzone and Cold War, with special skins to mark Easter Monday and April 20.

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Of course, not all of these bundles will be available to purchase in the in-game store just yet, but it’s likely they’ll be released throughout the rest of Season 2.

Some may not even be added to the game before Warzone Season 3‘s launch, so be prepared that your favorites may not appear any time soon.