Dr Disrespect has one big issue with Black Ops Cold War

Hamza Khalid

Call of Duty’s newest title didn’t release without a hitch. Fans are disappointed by the low number of available multiplayer maps on launch and famous streamer Dr Disrespect has weighed in on the matter.

Black Ops Cold War is finally here and it has brought a lot of content to unpack. The latest entry in the Call Of Duty franchise released and there is certainly a lot to like about it. There are many different weapons, attachments and multiplayer modes for you to try out, but fans have had their share of complaints with a few things; particularly with the maps.

At launch, Black Ops Cold War came with only eight different multiplayer maps. The game added Nuketown ’84 shortly afterwards on November 24 and this map comes with an 1980’s aesthetic marked by retro graffiti and an arcade machine. There are also two fireteam maps which bring the current total number to 11.

The meager number of available locations for players to battle in has lead to complaints from many fans, and now famous streamers are joining in to voice their frustration with this situation.

YouTube streamer Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, more commonly known as Dr Disrespect, was in the middle of his Cold War GB Ladder Matches livestream when he briefly touched upon the issue as you can see in the clip below.

In this brief excerpt he says that although he’s enjoying Black Ops Cold War, the small amount of areas in which you can engage players has been disappointing. He further states that the there should be at least 15 maps available at launch, which is understandable since Black Ops 4 came out with 14. Looking at the comments, many other fans seem to share this sentiment.

Some have even suggested copying maps from older Call Of Duty games. This has been done before as Modern Warfare made up with its lack of 6v6 maps with Ground War, and even this game has brought over Nuketown 84. This ensures that players have some familiarity with the area and is considerably quicker than making new maps.

However, we don’t think the developers should bring back too many old maps since ported maps have a history of not always working properly in the new games due to mechanic changes. Black Ops 4 had this issue with its summit and jungle multiplayer maps.

In addition to the technical difficulties that would arise with ports of old maps, it would also be a far less creative way to go about designing your game. Despite the lower than usual number, there are still some real winners available when it comes multiplayer maps in Black Ops Cold War.

Armada immediately comes to mind. This map is unique as it consists of a three large sea vessels that you can zipline or swim between to reposition yourself. It’s a large area with a lot of room for movement and it’s fantastic for sniping. There is also Checkmate, that has become popular with players very quickly.

So there’s still a lot of fun to be had in the multiplayer modes with the maps at hand. Luckily Treyarch has confirmed a new collection of maps with when Season One launches on December 10, so we’ll be seeing more variety in locations soon.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available for purchase on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5.

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