Cold War Zombies players call for changes to weapon unlock system

Andrew Highton
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Some Black Op Cold War players are unhappy with how the game asks them to unlock new weapons for Zombies and want changes made to the system.

Whereas a new round of vintage Call of Duty multiplayer is what lots of people crave, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Certain gamers enjoy the pleasantries of the campaign and then invest all their time in the new Zombies mode.

There’s plenty of Zombies content to enjoy in Black Ops Cold War as well as with the new Die Maschine and Firebase Z maps. Not only this, but CoD has even turned to the open-world formula with the game’s Outbreak mode introduced in Season 2.

However, those players that enjoy the simplicity of running around and splattering zombies are frustrated with how Black Ops Cold War handles weapon unlocks.

cod wakizashi sword weapon

The latest Call of Duty game does come jam-packed with tons of new weapons for players to experiment with. Given that they can all be Pack-a-Punched as well, there’s more than enough room to see what fits best.

But to gain access to additional firepower, players need to batter their way through online multiplayer challenges. Needless to say that this doesn’t sit well with many people that don’t want to partake in the game’s multiplayer component.

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ReverendDonkBonkbonk recently aired their grievances on Reddit, complaining that “I only play zombies and find it frustrating that I can’t unlock new weapons like the sledgehammer, wakizashi, machete and street sweeper without having to play MP. I don’t enjoy MP, I’m not that great at it.”

The Wakizashi is a fabulous, traditional Japanese blade that is perfectly fit for slicing and dicing zombies. The only problem is that as the original post pointed out, you can only unlock it by completing multiplayer challenges – lengthy ones at that.

Another user also chimed in with a great idea to solve this problem, commenting: “They could make it so it costs Aether Crystals to unlock. It would take more time but still be doable, and it wouldn’t hurt anyone who plays only MP or Warzone.”

This would be an ideal solution to the conundrum as it would make players play their beloved Zombies mode even more.

As we’ve seen before with Black Ops Cold War and Warzone challenges, it seems unlikely this will be changed as Activision encourages to enjoy all aspects of CoD.

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