Cold War players call for major overhaul to Blueprint system

black ops cold war blueprints

Call of Duty’s Blueprint system allows for some unique designs for many of its guns, but Black Ops Cold War players believe the system needs a complete overhaul.

As with the launch of Cold War Season 1, the newest season has introduced many new Operators and bundles to the popular FPS game. These sleek skins spruce many of the game’s most potent weapons, allowing you to kill in style.

They range from glossy makeovers to fully-dynamic Blueprints that can turn your AK-47 into an actual rocket. Treyarch does their best to make sure players get enough bang for their buck, but not all players agree.

cod cold war pistol blueprint

The price range of Blueprints and bundles certainly does vary with the aforementioned rocket skin costing significantly more than a non-reactive skin.

Given that players are paying many COD Points to make these purchases, some believe that they should have more control over the gun itself. Currently, once a Blueprint is acquired, it will redesign the gun cosmetically, but also physically.

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Reddit user sintaroactual argued the point that buyers shouldn’t have to be constrained to preset attachments, and should have a say in what goes on it: “This is why the blueprint system needs an overhaul. The 85 round fast mag is clearly the best option but nobody will use the regular version, and thus will lose the fancy appearance. Blueprints should look the same no matter what attachments you put on them (except sights).”

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The idea has been supported by other players with one person saying they “totally agree, the Maxis AK-74u basically loses all its aesthetic appeal once you put decent attachments on it.”

Another user also said, “Every attachment should be fit with the blueprint. I unlocked a great blueprint for magnum but when I need to do my own attachments it’s basically the same magnum without a sign of blueprint.”

Given that players do shell out extra cash to make their guns look as good as they want, it seems only reasonable that they perform as well too.

Image credits: Treyarch