Cold War players call for major change to frustrating teammate scorestreak mechanic

Some Black Ops Cold War players are having issues with the way teammates’ scorestreaks affect the player’s screen, calling for a change.

It seems Black Ops Cold War players aren’t satisfied with the way in which scorestreaks work in Multiplayer, calling for the devs to change the way it interacts with teammate’s screens.

With Season 5 just around the corner, perhaps it’s time for the developers to make a quality-of-life change to the scorestreaks to maintain player satisfaction.

black ops cold war scorestreaks

Black Ops Cold War has had more than one issue with scorestreaks in recent months, with players dissatisfied with bugs and the way they interact with teammates.

Black Ops Cold War Scorestreak issue

Reddit user RebbecaOP posted the complaint with the caption: “Can we just not with teammates score streaks shaking your screen.”

In the post, the user expresses their frustrations with friendly scorestreaks affecting their screen, ultimately causing them to die to enemies who they can’t aim at due to the screen shaking from a scorestreak.

“I’d understand an enemy one completely, but a friendly genuinely hurts the teammates because your screen can get shaken, but an enemy across map can easily shoot you because their screen isn’t shaking.”

The player believes that the whole scorestreak system needs to go back to the original killstreak mechanic, believing it would solve the issue by reducing the number of scorestreaks and giving them to those who actually earn them:

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“This whole system needs to be removed and taken back to killstreaks, this system makes sure everyone gets something, it’s a participation award basically, such a dumb system.”

black ops cold war gunship

Users in the comments seem to also agree, with some giving their experience with specific scorestreaks:

“Oh, my personal favorite is around the halfway point of any given match when everyone starts getting their napalm strikes, and it’s just nonstop loud noises and screen-shaking.”

Although scorestreaks have been a big part of modern Call of Duty games, perhaps it’s time for players to get the classic killstreak system back like how it was in Modern Warfare.

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Image Credits: Treyarch / Activision