Cold War players call for major buff to Weapon XP system

Liam Mackay
Cold War Weapon XP buff

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players are calling for a major buff to the Weapon XP gain system, as some are almost reaching Mastery Camo before having the weapon fully leveled up.

With every new season of Black Ops Cold War, several new weapons arrive for players to rank up and unlock Mastery Camos for. Season 3 has given us the classic PPSH, the Swiss K31 for quickscoping, and most recently, the CARV.2 Tactical Rifle.

Alongside grinding up these weapons to unlock the best attachments, there are also the Mastery Camos to unlock for each of them. However, players are reporting that Weapon XP gain rates are so slow that they’ve almost unlocked the Gold Camo before reaching max level with the weapon.

Reddit user Riley_The_Wolf posted that “the one thing that NEEDS buffed” is weapon XP. They described how, “I hate how I can get 30/35 camos done for weapons, but still only be level 43 on the weapon.”

They said that “We should not have to rely on [Double Weapon XP] tokens or when DWXP is active in order to grind out weapons. It’s not fun.”

This problem can be especially frustrating when using the Swiss K31, as players have complained that until you unlock the Tiger Team barrel, the Sniper is a “hit mark god.” This barrel isn’t unlocked until Weapon Level 48, so players said they get “constant hit markers for the 50 hours it takes to even get the gun to level 48.”

Black Ops Cold War Swiss K31

Other than buffing Weapon XP in general, Riley_The_Wolf suggested other ways to increase the slow XP gain rate. They suggested that unlocking Camos should give Weapon XP instead of regular XP, and the easier Camos should be unlocked first so they complete naturally.

Another user suggested that devs should remove the “level requirement in order to complete Camo challenges,” so players don’t have to grind for hours to have the option to unlock their favorite Camos.

Cold War’s devs have made changes to XP gain rates in the past, so this is perhaps something that’ll be addressed in the upcoming Season 3 Reloaded.

Image Credit: Activision

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