Cold War devs respond to Miami Strike exploit that lets players glitch out of map

Andrew Highton
cod cold war miami strike

Despite only being available for a week, players have already found a big glitch in the new Season 2 Reloaded map – Miami Strike. The devs have promptly seen and responded to the problem.

One of the biggest complaints about Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer from day one was Miami. The controversial map caused dissension amongst the fanbase because the enormous area lacked visibility, and it was very open and empty.

Treyarch took this criticism on board and reinvented it for Season 2 with Miami Strike as a bonus map. The massively revamped location now takes place during the daytime and has had its size reduced immeasurably. For all the good this has done for the map, it sadly contains one massive flaw which is ruining its enjoyment for many.

cod cold war miami strike gameplay

In one corner of Miami Strike, players will be able to find an area that is clearly not designed for a player’s presence. It’s blocked off by barricades, and if someone attempts to cross its threshold, they are soon greeted with the ominous ‘Restricted Area’ warning.

In ToxicMaxx’s Reddit video, it shows how broken this one area of the map currently is. The player tried the first time to hop the barricade and run through an off-limits alley, only to be greeted by death. Not discouraged by their failed effort, they tried once more, but this time they were successful and ended up behind the map.

Crucially, after locking the spot down with a Trophy System, the player, and a teammate, held the position, which appeared to be behind the enemy’s spawn.

Normally, it would spawn players away from others, but given the circumstances, the game probably didn’t recognize the presence of the truant players.

This allowed the pair to score some easy kills as the game is clearly a Hardcore variant. Meaning the victims don’t get to see a Killcam, and subsequently don’t know where they’re being shot from.

But it was only a matter of hours before the footage was seen by Treyarch and trusty dev FoxhoundFPS responded to the post: “Thanks for tagging. Our team is looking into this.”

It would be a shame for the much-improved version of Miami to get off on the wrong foot, and the map’s glitch will surely be fixed soon enough. It hasn’t helped that players have also been having their classes reset on them as well.

Image credits: Treyarch

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