Cold War devs confirm fix after EM2 & TEC-9 nerfs accidentally reverted

Hudson and Kitsune using TEC-9 and EM2 in Cold War

The EM2 and TEC-9 dominated Cold War’s multiplayer upon their arrival, so the devs were forced to implement a nerf. However, the latest update accidentally reverted these nerfs, but Treyarch has promised a fix is on the way.

Players were immediately vocal about the EM2 and TEC-9’s power in Black Ops Cold War. They complained that the TEC-9 was reminiscent of World at War’s famously powerful MP40, and have even said it’s “ruining Season 5″.

Treyarch nerfed both weapons in the September 2 update, lowering the TEC-9’s damage, but players still complained it was too powerful. Now, the most recent Cold War update accidentally reverted both the TEC-9 and EM2 nerfs, but devs promised a fix in Season 5 Reloaded.

The TEC-9 SMG in Black Ops Cold War

Reddit user naz2348 took a look at the TEC-9 and EM2s stats following the update and realized that the nerfs had been reverted, “making them even more overpowered.”

Treyarch’s community account came in to assure players that the changes were accidental. “The change to adjust the TEC-9 and EM2 was accidentally reverted and we’ll recommit to that,” they explained. “Expect the changes to be made when Season 5 Reloaded launches.”

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5 Reloaded‘s content goes live on September 8 at 9 PM PT. Alongside The Numbers event, the midseason updates usually bring a slew of weapon balance updates.

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There’s no way of knowing if any more weapons will be adjusted, but we know for sure that the TEC-9 and EM2 will return to their previous, nerfed, state.

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Image Credit: Treyarch