Boost jump glitch found in Black Ops Cold War

Nicholas Sakadelis

Players in Black Ops Cold War have discovered a glitch that can make players boost jump into the air.

Movement is a cornerstone in any Call of Duty game, and Black Ops Cold War is no different. Traversing the map in a fluid manner will give any player an advantage. Some players master slide canceling, others master the art of timing peeks and conquering angles.

Call of Duty games have seen jetpacks, players darting across maps with lightweight, and now players who can launch themselves into the air.

In a post by Reddit user ItsOBBY, just that tactic is showcased on the map ‘Crossroads Strike.’

Apparently, if an enemy player is positioned on a rock in spawn and another player goes to melee them, they will go flying across the map. This isn’t as much of a practical bug as it is a funny one, but if this bug can be exploited, it can cause trouble – giving players unintended lines of sight on opponents.

If abused further or found on other maps, it’s possible players could get to areas outside of the map or in glitch spots where others wouldn’t be able to see them. This tactic also could be used as a way to snipe unsuspecting players, if abused in a free-for-all with friends.

In a competitive setting (where friendly fire is on) this may work as well, giving teams extra information on enemy positioning or faster access to areas on the map.

For now, though, it appears this won’t be a game-breaking bug by any means. Most likely, it won’t happen to most players, but for the select few who go to melee a player sitting on this specific rock spot, they’ll be in for a surprise when they are rapidly flung across the map.

If this bug is unique to the rock itself, it probably won’t be an issue any further. But if it’s a bug related to the melee animation, it may pop up on other maps.