Black Ops Cold War’s NVIDIA DLSS has a game-breaking glitch

cod cold war nvidia

NVIDIA’s high-tech DLSS technology has improved Black Ops Cold War’s graphics immeasurably, but it’s also causing major problems to some people’s games in Treyarch’s latest CoD.

NVIDIA’s incredible DLSS technology has taken the PC gaming landscape by storm with its incredible ability to boost frame rates and increase the smoothness of gameplay. The tech has been a big winner in the Call of Duty community with Warzone enabling NVIDIA DLSS, and Black Ops Cold War features it too.

Though Cold War’s use has encountered a bit of a hitch it seems, and there is evidence of the technology causing problems for CoD players mid-game.

cod cold war gameplay

When DLSS was originally announced, it was described as “Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is an NVIDIA RTX technology that uses the power of AI to boost your frame rates in games with graphically-intensive workloads. With DLSS, gamers can use higher resolutions and settings while still maintaining solid framerates.”

This has been the case since its debut, but the tech seems to be slightly volatile if changed during the middle of the game of Black Ops Cold War, as yosupbuddy10 showcased on the game’s official subreddit.

Our player headed into the game’s settings mid-match and ‘Disabled NVIDIA DLSS‘. Upon unpausing the game, the player’s game had transformed into a horrible, distorted mess that was literally unplayable.

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The map had become a trippy, almost hallucinogenic experience with the environment exploring every end of the color spectrum.

It remained like this for the duration of the gameplay footage, and this is the only example we’ve seen of this so far.

But any Black Ops Cold War players fortunate enough to have access to the VIDIA DLSS technology should air on the side of caution when attempting to change its settings in the middle of a game.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch