Black Ops Cold War reported to be “most supported CoD title” ever after Vanguard release

cod cold war soldier instructing helicopter

Regarded leaker Tom Henderson has suggested that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is going to continue to gain new content, even after the new rumored CoD Vanguard title releases.

There’s always a transition from an old Call of Duty title to a new one. Modern Warfare 2019 had been well-supported with an assortment of new modes, maps, and other bonuses during its period as the main Call of Duty game.

Thanks to the connection to Warzone, the player base has remained quite solid after the usual year-long cycle, and they have been rewarded with the occasional pieces of content – including a new season.

Black Ops Cold War is expected to be the next stepping stone in this tradition, as we expect the 2021 Call of Duty title – Vanguard – to replace Cold War as the main game. However, Tom Henderson has claimed that its sales have been so impressive that the 80s-themed shooter is set for a lot more content post-November.

cold war u-bahn map gameplay

Anyone who vaguely follows Call of Duty and Battlefield news will probably have heard Tom’s name at some point. He’s gained recognition for his typically reliable leaks and rumors regarding Battlefield 2042 and CoD: Vanguard.

Tom has provided an update on Cold War saying: “I was told recently that Black Ops Cold War will likely be the most supported Call of Duty title after its “cycle” has ended as its post-launch revenue is exceeding expectations.”

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This brings up an interesting point as the sales aspect of the Tweet counteracts the mixed reaction towards Black Ops Cold War.

The official Reddit thread for the game generates daily complaints towards the game with some citing it as the worst CoD ever, and it being the worst-reviewed Call of Duty title on consoles. Yet despite this, the game has still sold really well.

As with anything concerning a leak or rumor, we can’t take these words as fact, and there is the possibility that this won’t be the case.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch