Black Ops Cold War players want a big change to maps

Andrew Highton
cold war moscow and raid

Fans of Cold War believe that with so many maps to choose from in Black Ops Cold War Season 4, Treyarch should add a Random option to go with the two nominated selections.

When Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War originally launched, it only came with eight 6v6 maps; there was no Gunfight, and truth be told it was a bit barren on the map front. Now, thanks to Season 4 Reloaded, the game is up to a whopping nineteen 6v6 maps, seven Gunfight maps, and five Fireteam maps.

Players have lots to enjoy now in Cold War but they feel that each lobby’s offering of two maps isn’t enough, and want Treyarch to implement a new Random choice as well.

diesel map in cold war

Having 19 different maps but only two pre-selected options rather limits the variety of maps you will see during a session of Call of Duty.

Reddit user Mathiasxd148- said “My small suggestion regarding what should be added in the map voting.” The post came with an attached image of an edited matchmaking screen.

It showed two of the game’s existing maps – Satellite and Miami – and a “Random” option was also edited in alongside them.

They also added: “I’ve always wondered why they didn’t or rather still don’t do it because in all Black Ops that third option of random or classified is present.”

Given that there’s such a huge pool of content to select from now in Cold War Season 4, it seems likely that Treyarch will add this feature in a future update.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch