Black Ops Cold War players extremely frustrated with inconsistent melee

Knife Combat mode in Black Ops Cold War

Various Black Ops Cold War players have vented their frustration with the current state of the Knife Combat mode and are asking for the developers to make some major changes to the melee.

There plenty of fun activities to try out when you jump into Black Ops Cold War, such as trying to reach a new Prestige Level in the Battle Pass. You can also take on your opponents in melee combat with knives equipped.

As fun as the new Knife Fight mode sounds, various players have noted that it isn’t functioning as well as it should. They’ve reported that it’s very inconsistent and are asking the developers to fix its glaring issues.

Knife in Black Ops Cold War

Reddit user Exitoverhere highlighted this issue in the Black Ops Cold War subreddit. Their post pointed out how unpredictable the outcome of Knife Combat mode can be due to the inconsistent mechanics.

“It just feels so random, sometimes I’ll see both myself and opponents make a swing that absolutely should have killed someone and other times it feels like they’re getting hits when we’re nowhere near each other.”

Many of the users in the comments shared this same sentiment, chalking it up to poor hit detection.

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Several comments stated that the Knife combat mode doesn’t feel like you’re battling with knives at all. Instead, it’s being referred to as “tomahawk mode” since you can sprint with the melee weapon.

“Every match is just people sprinting around with tomahawks,” wrote one user. “It would be way more balanced you couldn’t run with them.”

Currently, it’s unclear if Treyarch knows about this issue, but we’ll keep checking for any new developments and will let you know if anything changes for this frustrating issue that has been affecting players in the latest first-person shooter for the Call of Duty franchise.

For more Black Ops Cold War, check out the official Season 4 Reloaded roadmap, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software