Black Ops Cold War players desperately want new feature to fix glitch

Andrew Highton
cod cold war menu

The menus in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are bugged as they are telling players that new content awaits when it doesn’t. So players want a “Read All” button introduced to get rid of these notifications.

We’ve all been there with video games that put a big marker next to your menu tabs, whispering in your ear to check out the new information in the game. Whether it’s details about characters, the story, or new weapons, etc, it can be a pain having to scroll through them all to make the overall marker disappear.

Black Ops Cold War is no different in this regard as anytime a player unlocks anything new, a green dot will appear to represent this. However, players are complaining that their game is bugged, and the notifications won’t go away no matter what.

black ops cold war menu

In an exasperated post titled “For the love of god please give me a mark all as read button,” Reddit user thedudethedudegoesto lamented the game’s glitchy notifications.

“It says I have a new skin for FAV, but when I click it there’s nothing there. I can’t make this f**king green dot go away. And after spending 15 minutes going through the menus clicking on EVERYTHING to try and get rid of these green dots, I come across this.”

The picture is of the “FAV” section, and there’s nothing new to report, confirming that the menu is indeed glitched.

But it’s clear that the individual is not alone in this regard with many other users reporting the same problem with CoD: Cold War.

“Same. I was begging for this button in MW19, then they added it and for some reason didn’t think to do the same for CW,” DancingWithToads said.

Another commenter added, “This has been happening to my Warzone Bundle Locker and I have no clue as to what is new there. It just stays there. I have searched every bundle I have and nothing has happened.

“I have not bought a bundle since December and would not continue to support Activision and their terrible game creation. The fact that they do not have these simple implementations is astonishing for such a major company.”

A read all button would surely not take too much effort to implement, especially given that it’s been in previous Call of Duty games, so there’s every chance it could be added for Season 4.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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