Black Ops Cold War players call for major change to Trophy System

Nicholas Barth
Black Ops Cold War Trophy System

The Trophy System item has become a staple in the past few Call of Duty games, as the piece of equipment helps players lock down objective points thanks to its ability to destroy enemy projectiles. However, some Black Ops Cold War players feel the current version of the Trophy System is a tad too good at this job.

Players can use plenty of items when duking it out in the world of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, with one of the most popular being the Trophy System. This piece of equipment is essential in securing objectives, as it destroys enemy projectiles like grenades.

However, the Call of Duty community has noticed that the current iteration of this piece of equipment is extremely powerful. It destroys many items that you may not realize, such as the arrows from the R1 Shadowhunter and knives from the Ballistic Knife.

This wide range of coverage has led some community members to make a major change to the Cold War Trophy System and what it can defend against.

Black Ops Cold War Trophy System

Community member Tsuikyit_The_VIP took to the official subreddit for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and explained their thought that the Cold War Trophy System should only counter lethal and tactical equipment.

They then list all of the projectiles that the piece of equipment currently destroys, and it is a long one.

They go on to state that they believe the equipment should “tweaked to only counter thrown equipment and a bit of a grey area with the War Machine and M79, with the R1 and Ballistic Knife being left alone and unaffected by this.”

Some other community members agreed that they feel the Cold War Trophy System currently counters too many items in the first-person shooter.

Others stated that they enjoy it destroying the nails shot from the Nail Gun, as it is a powerful way to get rid of enemy Trophy Systems quickly by making them use up all of their power quickly.

It remains to be seen if Treyarch will make any changes to the things that this piece of equipment can counter, but community feedback can lead to major changes in the game, as we have seen in the past.

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