Black Ops Cold War players are desperate for the LC10 SMG to be fixed

Andrew Highton
cod cold war lc10 smg

The LC10 SMG has been a formidable weapon since its inclusion in Cold War Season 2, and players are tired of it dominating most of the games it features.

Pretty much since its first day in the game, the LC10 SMG has been nigh-on unstoppable. Its lethal combination of mobility, power, and accuracy make it simply a must-use.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s meta is generally quite solid and gives players different options to make them feel empowered. However, the LC10 is used too much for some players’ liking, and they want Treyarch to fix the LC10.

lc10 smg in call of duty

The gun’s power and use have been discussed before on the Cold War Subreddit, and the latest conversation was drummed up by user JayTK1336.

They said: “Since release, every game has this stupid OP gun in it. The LC10 has no drawbacks. It does more damage, it’s faster, it’s accurate, and it wins every fight against every weapon.”

Despite its odd shape, the LC10 boasts ridiculous accuracy and range, with the gun capable of landings consistent headshots across a full-length map.

Some other players aren’t quite as worried, with one person saying: “It gets beaten up in CQC by almost every other SMG. It definitely should catch a slight nerf tho, as it is extremely versatile and easy to use.”

But evidence would suggest that Treyarch does consider the LC10 to be a threat to the game’s meta: “LC10 got straight up banned in League Play. The only other gun to get that treatment (while originally allowed) was the AK-47,” said Reddit user XT3M3.

There are still several months until the rumored Call of Duty: Vanguard 2021 title comes out, so there is plenty of Cold War to play, and an LC10 nerf could have a big bearing on them.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch