Black Ops Cold War has a bizarre new glitch that makes players invisible

Andrew Highton

Visibility is a widespread issue in BOCW, but a crazy new invisibility glitch might just be taking that notion one step too far. A new video shows an entire lobby of players disguised by thin air.

There have been many videos from Black Ops Cold War exposing how tough it can be to spot the opposition. Black Ops Cold War’s poor visibility even got one player killed by someone camouflaged as a wall.

The game’s recent Season 1 update had added a heck of a lot of content such as new maps, guns, scorestreaks, and other fun additions. But it does appear that the update has also added more unwanted problems for Treyarch and inconsistencies to the gameplay.

cod bocw bow

BOCW invisibility glitch

It can be frustrating if a glitch is being abused by one player seeking to gain an unfair advantage over the rest of the lobby, but when it’s quite literally everyone, then the story changes.

Reddit user ImaTurtleMan has shown the unusual circumstances of his game of Hardpoint on Nuketown 24/7 showing how tough it actually was to capture the Hardpoint.

In the video, our player kills themself with a Semtex grenade, and whilst we see no limbs exploding from the torso, there is a large blood pool.

ImaTurtleMan then spawns back into the game and watches as three guns run past him. The sight itself is actually quite funny and in the heat of the moment can draw a laugh. But then our player is killed and his corpse is nowhere to be seen as his gun plummets to the ground.

He even tries reloading and this results in a phantom exchange of ammo clips – with nary a hand to be seen.

It’s unclear what causes the occurrence to take place, but one user suggested a reason: “Sadly it’s not their fault, it’s a glitch that happens after your chopper gunner crashes.”

This is then quickly counteracted by ImaTurtleMan who says: “For me, it was just like this without doing that, just loaded into a match like this.”

We can only hope that this invisibility issue is a one-off, but based on the comments it seems like this has happened before. If it does reappear, then hopefully a fix can be found for it.

Image credits: Treyarch