Black Ops Cold War dev confirms fix for frustrating Zombies Trapper challenge glitch

Liam Mackay

Black Ops Cold War players have reported their progress has frozen in the Zombies Trapper challenge, and Treyarch has confirmed a fix is coming with a future major update.

Black Ops Cold War offers players challenges to earn XP and Calling Cards. There are separate challenges for multiplayer and Zombies, where you have to kill enemies with certain weapons and equipment, for example.

The Trapper is part of Zombies Battle Hardened challenges, in the ‘Zombie Hunter’ tab. For completing it, you unlock a Calling Card depicting a Sentry Gun mowing through the undead. If you complete all of the Battle Hardened Challenges, you receive an animated Calling Card and 10,000 XP.

You must get 500 eliminations while using C4, Energy Mines, or a Sentry Turret. It sounds straightforward enough, but a bug is causing the counter to stop at 255 eliminations.

This is extremely frustrating for players, especially for those who enjoy grinding the challenges.

Treyarch’s response

Many have taken to social media to report the issue, and Community Manager at Treyarch, Josh Torres, responded to a Tweet asking for the issue to be fixed.

He linked to Treyarch’s official Trello Board, which lists all known issues in Black Ops Cold War. Under ‘Zombies Known Issues’ there’s a card for Trapper challenge progress stopping at 255.

The card says that the bug will be fixed in a future major update. Treyarch clarifies what a major update is: “players will obtain this update via a download from their platform of choice. We will not be introducing this fix via an in-game settings update.”

There is currently no expected date for the patch, but Torres said that once they have a timeline, it’ll be updated on the Trello board. It’s possible the Trapper challenge will be fixed at the beginning of Season 1 on December 10, but it could be later.