Black Ops Cold War bug hints at possible Dogs Scorestreak

Andrew Highton
cod bocw dogs scorestreak

An odd bug has suggested that Attack Dogs could be about to end their absence from CoD by returning in Black Ops Cold War as a new Scorestreak.

Call of Duty: World at War players were always constantly on edge when they realized that the enemy team had someone on a killstreak. The Attack Dogs streak was a vicious, swift killing protocol that could wipe out teams in seconds.

They’ve since returned in several Black Ops games, and thanks to a bug in Black Ops Cold War, we might have evidence of the hungry hounds coming back once more during Season 2.

cod dog blops4 bocw

Black Ops Cold War is fortunate in that it has many genuine options as Scorestreaks, giving players a headache as they stumble over their selection of three streaks.

Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War has already introduced the new Death Machine Scorestreak which is added to the already large list of Scorestreaks available. They’ve also made some interesting Scorestreak changes to several of the game’s most important assets.

However, we don’t think Treyarch banked on the weird bug that happened to Reddit user showsterblob, possibly giving away vital information. In their post, they showed off a picture of their multiplayer Home Screen during an update.

The picture clearly shows an unidentified canine companion next to the player’s avatar. The user claims that once the update had completed, the dog then vanished completely.

Some of the comments suggested that it might be Juno from CoD: Black Ops 4, in which case this is just an asset leftover that has found its way into the newest Call of Duty title.

Furthermore, a dog will be by your side in 2019’s Modern Warfare if you have it as a finishing move. So it’s possible that that’s the route they’re looking to go here as well.

If not, then it joins the Flamethrower, and Sniper’s Nest as potential, hard-hitting Scorestreaks we can hopefully look forward to seeing in the future.

Image credits: Treyarch

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