Best Perks in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Liam Mackay

Black Ops Cold War introduces a mix of classic Perks along with some brand new additions.

Players can equip three Perks from set categories to their loadout. These offer various bonuses to your character in-game without any down-side.

Here are the Perks you should be running in Black Ops Cold War, and some tips on how they’ll match your playstyle.

Perk Category 1

Flak Jacket

If you are a player who loves jumping on the objectives, capturing flags, and defending hardpoints, lethal equipment is your worst enemy. While on an objective, there are only so many places you can be. This makes you especially susceptible to grenades and rockets. To counter this, Flak Jacket will allow you to survive a hit from a grenade or rocket, allowing you to continue to defend the point.

Tactical Mask

If you are a player who likes to run around the map and rush enemies, Tactical Mask is the perfect Perk for you. Getting hit by a Flashbang or, especially, a Stun Grenade will stop you in your tracks and leave you defenseless. Tactical Mask maximizes your resistance to Flashbangs and Stun Grenades, while also making you immune to Gas Grenades.

Perk Category 2


When racking up a high killstreak, you’ll start to notice your ammo depleting. This puts you in an awkward position where you have to either switch to your secondary or pick up a dropped weapon from the ground. Also, new to Cold War, there are some resupply stations around the map, but they are often watched.

With the return of the Gunsmith system, you can build your weapon exactly how you want it and another weapon may not suit your playstyle. With the Scavenger Perk equipped, running over a dead body will refill your ammunition. If you’re moving around the map, you can hold onto your own weapon confident in the knowledge you won’t run out of ammo.


Lethal and tactical equipment are especially powerful in Black Ops Cold War. Clearing a room with a well-thrown Stun Grenade will give you a huge advantage when you rush. The problem is that you only get one use per life, so when you’re racking up a high killstreak, you’ll find yourself in situations were another piece of equipment would be vital.

The Quartermaster Perk allows your equipment to recharge over 25 seconds. Throw a grenade and 25 seconds later, you have another. Be strategic in when to use your equipment and you’ll find a lot of use in this Perk.

Perk Category 3


With the new Scorestreak system, almost every player will acquire a low-end Scorestreak over the course of the match. One of the most common Scorestreaks which you will see called in is the Spy Plane.

When this is called in, all enemy players will be revealed on the mini-map. This makes pulling off flanks or defending spots especially difficult. With Ghost equipped, while moving, operating a Scorestreak, or using a bomb, you will not appear on enemies mini-maps.


If you’re more the run-and-gun type, Ninja is the Perk for you. Treyarch has worked hard on audio improvements for Cold War, meaning footstep audio is easier to detect. While wearing headphones, it’s easy to pinpoint the direction an enemy is coming from by their footsteps. This makes rushing more difficult. Without completely silencing your movement, Ninja quietens your footsteps when sprinting, hides you from Field Mics, and lessens your Operators in-game callouts.

Experiment with the wide variety of Perks in Black Ops Cold War to find your playstyle, but you can’t go wrong with these classic additions.