5 best Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks setups

Andrew Highton
bocw 5 best scorestreaks

One well-timed Scorestreak can turn the tide in Call of Duty. Black Ops Cold War has a lot of fabulous, dangerous Streaks that can cause serious damage. So here are 5 of the best setups you can make that will suit certain situations and levels of skill.

When people dive into a new Call of Duty game, it can be easy to rely on old-favorites and overlook new tools of destruction.

BOCW offers a lot of different options for you to customize and toy around with. Some are suited to different maps and some simply thrive in different game modes. So we’ve put together a few different loadouts for you to try and see what could improve your game.

bocw rocket launcher helicopter armada

BOCW best Scorestreak loadouts

It’s years later and many people still default to a UAV, a targeted strike, and some kind of aerial vehicle a la Call of Duty 4. Yet there’s a whole other world to be explored.

Here are some of the options for you to consider.

Black Ops Cold War Beginner Scorestreaks

If you’re new to Call of Duty and the scary world of real-time, online multiplayer, then these might help you to survive in this tough jungle.

  • Scorestreak 1: Spy Plane
  • Scorestreak 2: Sentry Turret
  • Scorestreak 3: Care Package

Even for a relatively new player, these score targets are extremely achievable and you’ll get more XP because you’ll earn them regularly.

The Spy Plane helps you and your team, the Sentry Turret can do a lot of the heavy work for you, and the Care Package can get you a Scorestreak that you otherwise may never get to use.

Black Ops Cold War Intermediate Scorestreaks

You’re a capable player that is more than able to hold your own. Maybe not quite able to put together regular, hot runs to get the best of the best, but still good enough to get near the top-end Scorestreaks.

  • Scorestreak 1: Spy Plane
  • Scorestreak 2: Cruise Missile
  • Scorestreak 3: Attack Helicopter

This is a perfect blend of attainable Scorestreaks. The main difference here is that you have a lot more firepower. The Spy Plane is to help you get a few kills first, and the Cruise Missile’s secondary missiles make it an even greater threat. Getting an attack helicopter shouldn’t be too difficult and it can easily rack up a high body count.

attack helicopter scorestreak in cod bocw

Black Ops Cold War Expert Scorestreaks

You know your loadout, you know the best spots in the maps, and you can regularly pile up the points in CoD matches. You need the GOOD stuff.

  • Scorestreak 1: Cruise Missile
  • Scorestreak 2: Chopper Gunner
  • Scorestreak 3: Gunship

Very rarely does a Cruise Missile fail to gets kills, so it’s a solid starter option. Elite level players can put together a few kills and get a Chopper Gunner which, as long as it’s not shot down, will cause insane damage.

If you’re good enough, then the Gunship beckons. An unstoppable vehicle that will decimate everyone and everything on the map.

Black Ops Cold War Aerial Domination Scorestreaks

The beauty of this loadout is that you let the scorestreaks do most of the work for you. Leaving you to carry on killing at your own pace and not have someone find you whilst you’re operating them.

  • Scorestreak 1: Napalm Strike
  • Scorestreak 2: Attack Helicopter
  • Scorestreak 3: Chopper Gunner

Despite the fact you can be found when operating the Chopper Gunner, the chances of this happening are very slim due to the destructive power that it has.

chopper gunner scorestreak in bocw

Black Ops Cold War Teamwork Scorestreaks

When you’re playing game modes where teamwork is critical, then these are some of the best ones to give you the advantage during the game.

  • Scorestreak 1: Sentry Turret
  • Scorestreak 2: Napalm Strike
  • Scorestreak 3: Cruise Missile/H.A.R.P

Defending a flag or a hardpoint? Put down a turret near it, you can always move it later. Do the enemies have one area completely surrounded and are proving to be impenetrable? Napalm Strike the whole area. As for the final one, it depends really.

The Cruise Missile is for players that can’t get enough points for the H.A.R.P – although it can take out a few enemies grouped together. But if you can get the H.A.R.P, then you know exactly where the enemy is and you can anticipate their every move.

So that is 5 of the best scorestreak setups you can utilize in Black Ops Cold War. Whether your choice bottles down to skill or the scenario at hand, these loadouts should be able to help you out.

Image credits: Treyarch