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Bizarre Fortnite glitch is breaking players’ aim assist

Fortnite is definitely not immune to issues, and it seems players have found one that is breaking controller player’s aim assist.



fortnite character looking at mirror

Controller Fortnite players are claiming that their aim assist is breaking due to a bizarre glitch with mirrors.

While most Fortnite players have been enjoying the No Sweat summer event patch by completing challenges and perhaps aiming to get the new Refer a Friend rewards, some have noticed a bizarre new glitch that is ruining aim assist.

Despite being controversial in most competitive shooters, aim assist is integral to controller players’ experience, but it seems mirrors are causing a bug to break that.

Fortnite players have been noticing that they have been getting no aim assist in certain parts of the map. Professional Fortnite player TwitchAv noticed this problem and decided to investigate, claiming that the bug is being caused by “the mirrors.”

Supposedly, mirrors in Fortnite have a “2x2x2 area all the way around them.” When players are in this area, they don’t get any aim assist and will also notice that loot is teleported outside of the area until the mirror is broken.

This is a game-breaking glitch, as it is putting controller players at a severe disadvantage. It’s also affecting loot, so PC players are also noticing the bug. While this glitch with mirrors seems odd, there is a quest that requires players to look in a mirror.

Perhaps Epic caused this bug by changing something to do with mirrors when adding this quest into the game. This is exactly what Reddit user NewCompte believes, explaining how this bug may have occurred.

Hopefully Epic can resolve this issue as soon as possible, as any bug that impacts aim assist and loot is one that can seriously disrupt the player experience.

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Image Credits: Epic Games