Best Type 63 class for Black Ops Cold War

Hamza Khalid

The Type 63 is a fantastic tactical rifle that is suitable for most combat situations, and with a few specific attachments, you can make it unstoppable. This is the best class setup in Black Ops Cold War.

You will find a wide variety of weapons to choose from in Black Ops Cold War. Each one suits different combat situations, so when we’re talking about long range battles, you can’t go wrong with high-bullet-velocity Tactical Rifles. 

The Type 63 tactical rifle is an spectacular weapon. This weapon has better ADS and deals more damage than full-auto weapons. It’s one of the best guns you can pick for medium to long range engagements.

Here is the best class for making the Type 63 into even more of a powerhouse.

Best Type 63 Class Setup

The biggest strengths of this weapon are its ADS speed and damage, but it is a single-shot weapon, so this setup will focus mainly on improving the rate of fire while magnifying damage and accuracy.

Get the following attachments:

  • Optic: Sillix Holoscout
  • Muzzle: KGB Eliminator
  • Barrel: 18.3” Strike Team
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Ergonomic Grip
  • Handle: Spetsnaz field grip

First off, you should absolutely get a sight for this weapon as you’ll mainly be using it in ranged battles. The Sillix Holoscout will provide 1.75x magnification to the Type 63 tactical rifle. This holographic sight is perfect for ranged battles because it combines the zoom of a 2x scope with the peripheral vision of a red dot sight. Using 2x and 4x scopes would slow you down during the fast paced battle and put you at a disadvantage.

Every time you fire your weapon, you will briefly show up on your enemy’s radar. The KGB eliminator will give you 85% muzzle flash concealment so that enemies have a harder time hunting you down when you shoot. It will also give you 17% more vertical recoil control so that the weapon is more accurate, at the cost of movement speed while shooting and horizontal recoil control.

You can make up for that with the Spetsnaz Ergonomic Grip. This will increase your horizontal recoil control by 40% and vertical recoil control by 10%. You’ll rarely have to shoot from the hip in long-range battles so so don’t worry about shooting move speed.

For those rare times you do find yourself in close quarters engagement, the 18.3” Strike Team barrel will help increase your damage and fire rate. This makes up for the weapon being single shot. It also takes away from the effective damage range but the Type 63’s range is so good that it won’t negatively impact you.

The final attachment in this class setup is the Spetsnaz field grip. This will decrease your ADS time by 20% and increase flinch resistance by 80% while also giving a 12% boost to your sprint to fire time. This weapon isn’t great for hip fire, so ADS speed is important in close-range engagements, and flinch resistance will help you keep your shots on target at long range.

That is the best class setup for the Type 63 Tactical Rifle in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. This weapon is excellent for maps like Satellite where long-range combat plays a major role, and these attachments will prime it for close combat as well.

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