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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best Scorestreaks in Black Ops Cold War

The best Scorestreaks in Cold War, no matter your skill.



Black Ops Cold War includes a range of classic and brand new Scorestreaks to be used in multiplayer and Zombies.

New to Cold War, Scorestreaks no longer reset on death. This means that Scorestreaks are now easier to earn and will be more common in multiplayer matches. Score accrues over lives, with killstreaks multiplying the score earned, so a high-end Scorestreak can be earned through either a 15-kill streak or multiple 5 or 6-kill streaks.

Here are the best Scorestreaks you can use in Cold War.

Low-end Scorestreaks

Spy Plane

This classic Scorestreak has been one of the most powerful streaks in every iteration of Call of Duty. Black Ops Cold War is no different, with this easy-to-earn streak revealing the position of enemy players on the mini-map.

You’ll find this Scorestreak accruing quickly during a round, especially if you can pull of a killstreak. This Scorestreak will temporarily give your team a huge advantage.

The Ghost Perk, which hides enemies from Spy Planes, doesn’t work if an enemy is standing still, so it’s extra effective against campers.

Counter Spy Plane

With Spy Planes being easy to earn, and thus common, the Counter Spy Plane will take away the enemy team’s advantage.

This Scorestreak scrambles the enemy team’s mini-map, meaning unsuppressed shots on the map and Spy Planes won’t show up. Deploy the Counter Spy Plane when pulling off a flank or pushing an objective and the enemies won’t know where you’re coming from.

This Scorestreak is also easy-to-earn, only requiring 1200 points, which is not much more than a Spy Plane.

Mid-end Scorestreaks

Cruise Missile

The Cruise Missile fires a trio of missiles from the sky. Hovering your cursor over targets will auto-fire secondary missiles, allowing you to take out multiple targets with one streak. This requires 2600 points to earn, so either go on a couple of killstreaks or play the objective and you’re guaranteed to earn this in a match.

Save this Scorestreak for the beginning of the second round of Domination and it’s possible to get a full team wipe as they leave the first objective.

War Machine

This is the most difficult mid-end Scorestreak to earn, but it’s worth the effort. This powerful grenade launcher is capable of killing an enemy in one or two hits. Once earned, select this Scorestreak and you’ll equip the grenade launcher instead of your loadout.

Defending and pushing objectives will be a breeze when firing multiple grenades onto the point. Be careful though, you’re still susceptible to getting shot in the side or back.

Unlike most other Scorestreaks, kills with the War Machine count towards your killstreak. While still difficult, getting that Nuclear medal is considerably easier while using the War Machine.

High-end Scorestreaks

Chopper Gunner

All of the high-end Scorestreaks are worth using but difficult to earn. The Chopper Gunner is a fan-favorite Scorestreak, having appeared in previous Call of Duty titles.

A helicopter flies around the map, and as the gunner, you fire a minigun down on the enemies below. Clear objectives and trap the enemies inside to allow your team to take control of the map.

The Chopper Gunner is high up the list of Scorestreaks, so you’ll need a big killstreak to earn it.

VTOL Escort

In Modern Warfare, the VTOL jet was AI-controlled, providing passive protection to the player from the sky. In Black Ops Cold War, you pilot the VTOL jet yourself.

Fly around the map in this jet, raining bullets and missiles down on the enemies below. Unlike the Chopper Gunner, you choose where it goes, allowing the enemies very little places to hide.

The VTOL Escort is even more difficult to earn than the chopper gunner so it’s unlikely you’ll earn it every match, but you’ll know it’s worth running when you do.

Depending on your skill as a player, assign the Scorestreaks you’re most likely to earn. But don’t be afraid to run the higher-end streaks, as you never know when that next great game will come.