How to unlock classic P90 & GOL Sniper Magnum in Battlefield 2042 All Out Warfare

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Battlefield 2042 Polaris RZR vehicle

Battlefield 2042 Season 2’s Update 2.1 has brought even more classic weapons to the All Out Warfare mode, so here’s how to unlock Battlefield 3’s P90 and M1911 as well as Bad Company 2’s GOL Sniper Magnum.

Battlefield 2042 brought back maps and weapons from classic Battlefield games such as Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 in Portal, which allowed players to create their own modes. All of this fan-favorite content was locked in the Portal mode until the Season 2 update, where DICE brought Battlefield 3’s M16A3 and M60 across to All Out Warfare.

Update 2.1 then arrived on September 27, bringing even more weapons from BF3 and Bad Company 2. Here’s how to unlock the P90, GOL Sniper Magnum, and M1911 Pistol in Battlefield 2042’s All Out Warfare.

How to unlock P90 in Battlefield 2042

battlefield 2042 p90 unlock requirement

Battlefield 2042 players can unlock the P90 by using the K30 SMG in All Out Warfare or the P90 itself in Portal. Complete both of these challenges to unlock the P90:

  • Kills and Assists with the P90 or K30 (100)
  • Damage Inflicted with SMGs (10,000)

How to unlock GOL Sniper Magnum in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield Bad Company 2’s GOL Sniper Magnum excels over range, and Battlefield 2042 players can unlock it by completing both of these challenges:

  • Kills and Assists with the GOL or SWS-10 (60)
  • Spot enemies with the SOFLAM (100)

How to unlock M1911 in Battlefield 2042

Finally, the classic M1911 Pistol has also hit Battlefield 2042 All Out Warfare, and players just need to complete these two challenges:

  • Kills and Assists with the M1911 or MP28 (30)
  • Kills in One Life with Secondary Weapons (3)

Update 2.1 also brought an overhaul of the Renewal map, and we expect even more to arrive with Battlefield 2042’s Season 3 update later this year.

Image Credit: DICE / EA / YouTube: iulyan

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