Battlefield 6 will reportedly be titled ‘Battlefield 2042’, potential cover art leaks

Keshav Bhat

A new rumor floating around the internet suggests that the title of the 2021 Battlefield game will officially be Battlefield 2042.

The rumors started in a Reddit post, which pulled information from a message in Tom Henderson’s Discord server, alongside online forums.

The post claims that the game’s title is called “Battlefield 2042.”

This is would make the game a ‘modern/near-future’ setting, which would be in line with what EA has been hyping up with the recent teasers. 2042 would also line up with some of the technology that is rumored to be part of the game.

The game would also be set 100 years before Battlefield 2142 title.

Other details on the said Reddit leak include information about different classes, maps, modes, and even a potential alpha & beta for the game.

There was also a handful of images that leaked from a pre-alpha build of the Battlefield 2042 title on Discord on June 4, which showcased a first look at the near future setting. One thing people have now noticed that the Imgur album, along with the user who posted the said images, had his name as ‘2 0 4 2.’

Now, even a potential first look at the logo wording / covert art of the game has appeared online.

The official reveal of Battlefield game is set for Wednesday, June 9 starting at 7AM PT. Be sure to check back to the site here and follow us at bravoINTEL on Twitter for the latest Battlefield news.

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