Battlefield 2042 will feature NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex

Liam Mackay
Battlefield 2042 seasonal content

PC is often considered the best way to play Battlefield, and with 2042’s massive-scale and dynamic weather, you want to make sure your system can handle it. To get both stunning visuals and high frames, NVIDIA has confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will feature DLSS and Reflex support.

We’re only a few months away from Battlefield 2042’s release on October 22, and anticipation has never been higher. After a three-year hiatus, the blockbuster series will be returning with massive maps, 128 player lobbies, and dynamic weather – all “brought to life with the power of next-gen.”

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DICE appears to have gone all out in developing Battlefield 2042, utilizing the power of next-gen consoles and PCs. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will be receiving their own separate smaller-scale version of the game, so we can expect the next-gen and PC version to be demanding.

Luckily, NVIDIA have announced that Battlefield 2042 will feature DLSS and Reflex support for low-latency and high frame rates without sacrificing visual quality.

Battlefield 2042 Hourglass map

The main advantage to playing FPS games on PC is a high frame rate. Some players lower their graphics quality or resolution to achieve this, but Battlefield 2042 players will be able to achieve these high frame rates while still maintaining stunning visuals.

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If you have an RTX graphics card, you’ll be able to use NVIDIA’s DLSS (or Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology with Battlefield 2042. This sets your game to a lower resolution, increasing performance, but giving the appearance of high resolution. It’s the perfect combination of visuals and performance.

Warzone received DLSS support in the Season 3 update, which, according to NVIDIA, allowed for an FPS boost of up to 70% while playing Warzone at 4K. If you’re looking to play Battlefield 2042 at a high resolution while maintaining smooth performance, you’ll find DLSS extremely useful.

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Battlefield 2042 will also feature NVIDIA Reflex, which allows players with anything above a GeForce 900 Series to reduce their system latency, “which enables you to be more accurate on the battlefield.”

Battlefield 2042 is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of the year, and you can check out the unrevealed game mode, expected to be ‘Battlehub’ at EA play on July 22.

Image Credit: DICE / NVIDIA

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