Battlefield 2042 Beta Unknown Error being addressed by devs

Zackerie Fairfax
Battlefield 2042 unknown error

An Unknown Error notification has been preventing players from entering rounds of the Battlefield 2042 Beta. But don’t worry! The developers are working on fixing the error.

The Battlefield 2042 Early Access beta started today at 12 am PT / 3 am ET / 9 am CEST. However, the beta got off to a rocky start. It seems DICE didn’t expect as many players to flood the game’s servers.

This resulted in numerous players experiencing an Unknown Error. When attempting to play rounds of Conquest, an error message would appear in the top right corner. Instead of a specific error, the dialogue box just read “Unknown Error.”

Many players were confused and thought the error was on their end. However, the Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error was derivative of limited server capacity on DICE’s end.

Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error fixed

Shortly after the Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error was discovered, the Lead Community Manager at EA Studios took to Twitter to address the Beta issue. Adam Freeman, or @PartWelsh on Twitter, stated that EA would be scaling up its servers to meet the player demand.

Just a couple of hours later, and Freeman returned to Twitter to deliver good news. DICE was able to deploy a significant fix that boosted the number of available servers. As well, it will continue to scale its capacity for Battlefield 2042.

This will help ensure more players can enjoy the Battlefield 2042 beta. As well, it will help ensure players are playing within their region. So far, it seems as if the server scaling is working and stopping the Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error from affecting players.

However, DICE will need to prepare for an even more significant number of players in the coming days. The Early Access beta is from October 6 – 7. It will be followed by the Open Beta, which starts on October 8.

There will be a considerably larger number of players starting on the 8th, and DICE needs to be ready. Hopefully, over the next two days, DICE will be able to scale its servers and prevent the Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error from returning.

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Image Credits: EA / Dice