Are Battlefield 2042 Beta servers down? Current server status

Battlefield 2042 servers down

Battlefield 2042 has officially launched its Beta, and as people get to grips with the game, they may encounter some server issues. For those looking, here is whether or not the Battlefield 2042 servers are down.

Battlefield fans finally get their hands on early gameplay of Battlefield 2042 as the Beta officially launched on October 6.

With players getting to grips with the specialists, weapons, and maps available in the Beta, the community has been sharing their experience with the game so far.

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Unfortunately, some may be experiencing server issues, and if you happen to be one of those players, you may want to know exactly what’s going on. Here’s the current server status for Battlefield 2042, letting you know whether the servers are down or not.

Are the Battlefield 2042 servers down?

battlefield 2042 servers down

No, the Battlefield 2042 servers are not down and are up and running just fine for most players.

One thing those trying to play the Open Beta should keep in mind is that it is currently only available to those who have an EA Play subscription or have pre-ordered the game.

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There are some known issues with the Battlefield 2042 Beta that may be affecting player servers and performance.

If you are experiencing these issues, check out the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta forum for answers from the developers about known issues, or report a problem and ask questions about any issues you may be having.

battlefield 2042 hazard zone gameplay

According to this forum, since the Beta was first dropped, the servers are looking much better, so hopefully, your issues will be or have been resolved:

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“We’re seeing much better health across all our servers. Rounds are filling up, taking place in the right regions, and Matchmaking is returning significantly less errors. We’re keeping close eyes on it, with teams that work 24/7 to help monitor and support,” the Battlefield team stated.

The developers seem to be working hard to fix issues as soon as they are addressed, so make sure you report any new issues on the forum, but in general, the Battlefield 2042 servers are not down and are in good shape at the moment.

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We’ll continue to update this piece if the server status changes, such as the Battlefield 2042 servers going down. For more on Battlefield 2042, check out our article on the best controller settings for the latest entry in the high-profile franchise, and Battlefield 2042’s cross-play status.

Image Credits: DICE