Battlefield 2042 players extremely disheartened with map design

Rocket in Battlefield 2042's orbital map

Battlefield 2042 has some of the biggest maps the franchise has ever seen. Many were excited for these large-scale maps that DICE has become renowned for and some players are disappointed.

Battlefield 2042 hasn’t exactly had the greatest launch, as players have continued to give the developers feedback over issues.

Recently, players were disappointed with the vehicle damage indicator in Battlefield 2042. Now players are expressing their opinions on the maps.

Despite having the Portal mode to bring back classic maps, the community hasn’t been too impressed with Battlefield 2042’s map design.

battlefield 2042 maps

With large scale environments and various in-game events like Tornadoes and a rocket launch, Battlefield 2042’s maps were supposed to bring innovation.

Players expect Battlefield to have huge maps, as it has become a staple for the gameplay. Having said that, the design of Battlefield 2042’s maps has left some players disheartened.

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Players on Battlefield 2042’s map design

Reddit user Carbideninja expressed their opinion on the map design in the Battlefield 2042 subreddit: “Seriously DICE, is this the first time you have designed maps for a Battlefield game?”

The post is pretty long, detailing all the issues the player has with the map design. The player feels all of the maps lack “identity,” and are just “huge swathes of land.”

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The player is disheartened with Battlefield 2042’s map design, stating that they are mostly spending their time “running around like a clown through those empty barren pieces of land you [DICE] call maps.”

They aren’t the only ones who feel this way either. Users in the comments are expressing similar opinions: “We need Conquest Medium and Conquest Small to shorten those maps.”

With all the concern surrounding various features of Battlefield 2042, DICE definitely have their hands full. Luckily they have been producing updates and seem to be working on addressing the community’s issues.

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Image Credits: DICEs