Battlefield 2042 players actually want DICE to delay the game again

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After a buggy Beta and not much gameplay footage revealed, worried Battlefield 2042 fans feel it would be better if DICE delayed the game again.

Battlefield 2042 was originally set to release on October 22, 2021, but was delayed until November 19 so DICE could add the finishing touches. They released the Beta in early October, but players were worried that there were too many issues to fix in just over a month.

DICE said that the Beta was an older build, and has confirmed a ton of bug fixes and changes ahead of the launch. However, many Battlefield players’ minds aren’t at rest yet, and actually want to see the game delayed further.

Battlefield 2042 player driving transport vehicle

Reddit user Visual_Clerk_5757 asked the simple question in the Battlefield subreddit: “Should DICE delay 2042 again?”

The top comments were all in favor of another delay. While some took issue with core design choices such as Specialists, others were more worried about a buggy launch.

One thing that has got players particularly worried is the marketing style. Although there are loads of trailers and blog posts, players still feel that there’s “no actual gameplay” on display. The various trailers have given edited snippets of gameplay, but fans don’t feel there’s enough to put their minds at rest.

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Significant frame drops in the trailers have also concerned players. Particularly in the Official PC Trailer, the frame rate almost ground to a halt when showing off the Ray Traced Ambient Occlusion. Leaker Tom Henderson has since reported that these drops will be there at launch.

But some are less concerned about the launch, and would rather play the game sooner rather than later. They feel that getting the game out in the wild is the best way to get these bugs and issues addressed. One user said that “We need to get it launched, played and the issues identified and then patched out.”

With Battlefield 2042 set for early access in less than a fortnight, it’s extremely unlikely that DICE will delay it again. Leaks have indicated DICE has added even more fixes to the Day 0 patch, but we’ll just need to wait and see what kind of shape it’s in at launch.

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Image Credit: DICE / EA

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