Battlefield 2042 leaker shuts down March 2022 delay rumors

Liam Mackay
Battlefield 2042 Irish and Orbital map

After Battlefield 2042 was already delayed from October to November, notable leaker Tom Henderson has now shut down rumors that the game would be further delayed until March 2022, calling them “bullsh*t.”

It’s been a long road since Battlefield 2042 was officially revealed in June 2021. Since then, we’ve had the official Portal reveal, the Exodus short film revealing the return of Battlefield 4’s Irish as a Specialist, and confirmation of the game’s anti-cheat and its future.

Battlefield 2042 was originally on the slate for an October release but was delayed to November 19 after the game needed a few more weeks of polishing. The Open Beta arrives this week, but notable leaker Tom Henderson has shut down a new rumor that the game has been further delayed until March 2022.

Battlefield 2042 beta rocket launch gameplay

There was a now-deleted Reddit post on the ‘gamingleaksandrumours’ subreddit that claimed EA is looking to delay Battlefield 2042 until March 2022 if “the beta doesn’t go smoothly.” The user claimed that this was according to internal meetings, but Henderson was quick to shut this down.

“The reddit post about [Battlefield 2042] being delayed to March 2022 is bullsh*t,” said Henderson on October 3. “Everyone I’ve spoke to say it will release Nov 19 regardless of the BETA because the team is confident it’s ready.”

It appears the OP of the rumor has already backtracked too. Although the post itself has been removed, they commented that “it’s so easy to fool these people.”

Henderson added that “March 2022 is a very likely date if the game was delayed again though – But to be honest if anything gets delayed it will be Hazard Zone and not the full game.” He clarified that this is all just speculation.

“Of course, the game *could* get delayed, but up until this point, it’s not been discussed,” he concluded.

A few users pointed out that a delay is extremely unlikely now that Battlefield 2042 posters are appearing on buildings in Los Angeles.

If anything does change with Battlefield 2042’s release, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for all of the details. And for more Battlefield, check out how to use the new Plus system to change attachments mid-game.

Image Credit: DICE / EA

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