Battlefield 2042 journey to Season 1 updates: Scoreboard, voice comms, “tighter” squad play

Rocket in Battlefield 2042's orbital map

The Battlefield 2042 devs have provided players with a lot more information on the new content coming in the lead up to Season 1 for the game.

While Battlefield 2042 hasn’t had the best start, the devs do seem adamant about correcting their wrongs and bringing highly requested features to the game.

Despite being delayed, we now have a lot more information regarding the lead-up to Battlefield 2042’s first season, which doesn’t just promise new content in the form of skins and cosmetics, but also in terms of quality of life and better performance.

battlefield 2042 maps

In a new blog from DICE, the devs addressed the main updates and features they are looking to implement prior to the release of Season 1.

The devs confirmed that they have heard the communities frustrations and wishes, and will look to “bring the game up to the highest standards that we all hold for the franchise.”

Let’s get into the features that DICE are looking to implement “as soon as possible.”

Battlefield 2042 update roadmap to Season 1


battlefield 2042 scoreboard

In the blog, DICE state that they will be adding a “refreshed in-round Scoreboard” in the next update, and “K/D scoring and End of Round reporting” in a future update.

The scoreboard has been a big complaint in the community, as the game launched and still doesn’t have a traditional scoreboard where you can see how you, your team, and the enemy team are doing.

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Hopefully, this update will improve on that, as well as future updates as they state that the scoreboard will be an “ongoing evolution” based on feedback.

Communication & team play

battlefield 2042 operator

In order to improve the cross-play experience, all around team-play, and communication for players, the next update will bring all platform voice communication (VOIP). This will make playing with those on other platforms much more enjoyable.

Further, this isn’t the only way they are looking to improve communication on Battlefield 2042, as they will also be introducing a “clearer, tighter squad loop, a refined ping system, and an improved reward loop for when you and your squad play the objective.”

Player profile

battlefield 2042 s levels

Another aspect of Battlefield 2042 that was missing on launch was an overview of your account stats. Players were disappointed to find that there was no way for them to check an overview of their whole career in Battlefield 2042, as well as how much more XP they had to earn to get to the next unlock.

It seems the next update will provide a “better overview of your career on the battlefield.”

DICE are truly taking steps to put Battlefield 2042 in a better place. The blog also revealed a new “Feedback Loop” in which player feedback will be “factored into [DICE’s] consideration” and guide the “decisions made for improvements.”

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Image Credits: DICE