Battlefield 2042 devs respond to aim assist issues after 3.1 patch

Andrew Highton
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The 3.1 update for Battlefield 2042 said that it would make aim assist “more consistent during console gameplay”. However, players are disputing this, and a BF 2042 dev has issued a response to the game’s aim assist.

The ongoing war between console and PC players will never end as either side wages war using controllers and mouse and keyboards. It’s a fact that a mouse is more accurate than a controller, and such, aim assist is a necessity to even things up.

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Battlefield 2042 has had a rocky launch that has been shrouded in bugs and problems. From a game-breaking invisibility glitch to the infamous “unable to load persistence data” error, BF 2042 had had to be patched several times to deal with many lingering problems.

The game has already received several hefty patches to fix the game, and 3.1 was the newest attempt to clamp down on its bugs. However, one of the promised aspects of the update doesn’t appear to have been completely effective.

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Under the ‘General’ section of ‘Fixes, Changes, and Improvements,’ in the patch notes, one bullet point quite simply said: “Made improvements to ensure Aim Assist is more consistent during console gameplay.”

However, the Lead Game Designer for DICE was questioned about the game’s aim assist following the update. One user said: “Hi there, can you provide more info on how aim assist was improved in 3.1? because I’m seeing very little difference.”

They continued: “Supposedly it was addressed in 3.1 according to the patch notes. I am noticing some assist but it’s VERY sporadic.”

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The dev replied to say: “It has been slightly adjusted but it doesn’t really make aim assist work well so it might not really look like it “got better” with this update. We’re still working on that though.”

So it seems like a proper fix for aim assist won’t be coming anytime soon, which will be to the disappointment of many console players.

The only real solution for the time being for users that are frustrated by the lack of aim assist would be to turn crossplay so that they’re only matched with other console players. We’ll see if DICE decides to increase the strength of aim assist anytime soon.

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