Battlefield 2042 devs buff controller aim assist following Beta feedback

Andrew Highton
battlefield 2042 cover with ps5 and xbox controller

EA and DICE have decided to buff controller aim assist in Battlefield 2042 after complaints that “it was too low” in the Battlefield 2042 Beta.

One of the biggest differences between controller and mouse and keyboard players is the freedom to aim. Battlefield 2042 is no different, and the devs have confirmed that they’ve buffed controller aim assist to keep gameplay between the two input methods more consistent.

The Battlefield 2042 Beta allowed the devs to learn a lot about the game and how it copes when filled with dozens of players. Now, they have taken that feedback on board, and Battlefield 2042 controller players should be more satisfied in the game’s final release.

gameplay in battlefield 2042

The information has come as a result of an official EA blog post entitled: “Battlefield Briefing – What We Learned From The Open Beta.”

It discussed a ton of details regarding the Beta, what went well, what could be improved on, and EA outed multiple areas that will be different when Battlefield 2042 comes out.

“We’ve also heard your feedback on Aim Assist strength on controllers. You helped to show us that it was too low, so we’ve worked to improve this experience, making it more familiar to players who played with us in past titles.”

ea blog post on battlefield 2042 feedback

Whereas mouse and keyboard players have free reign to do as they please with their aiming, controller players have to adjust their sensitivity settings to achieve the desired outcome – and even then it’s not always as accurate as can be.

This is why games provide a handy lock-on boost for controller players called “aim assist,” this mechanic allows players to snap on closer to the target when aiming, and it should now be stronger in Battlefield 2042.

There is a whole host of other changes that will be implemented between now and the full release of Battlefield 2042, EA and DICE will hope they’ll be enough to provide solid competition for CoD: Vanguard and Halo Infinite.

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Image Credit: EA / DICE