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Battlefield 2042’s five final Specialists revealed

The five final Specialists for Battlefield 2042 have been officially revealed, so here’s every new character and their abilities.



Battlefield 2042 Angel, Ji-Soo and Dozer Specialists

Battlefield 2042 will feature 10 unique Specialists at launch, and DICE have officially revealed the final five who boast a range of powerful Gadgets and Traits.  

After months of waiting, we’re now only weeks away from experiencing Battlefield 2042 in all its glory. All three game modes, All-Out Warfare, Portal, and Hazard Zone, have now been revealed, so it was only the five final Specialists left for us to see. 

These five Specialists have now been showcased in a new gameplay trailer, showing off their abilities and some of the unseen maps. 

Here’s every Specialist that will be joining Irish, Falck, and more when Battlefield 2042 launches in November. 

Navin Roa – Recon 

Battlefield 2042 Navin Roa specialist

Navin Roa is an Indian Specialist who falls under the Recon class. His Trojan Network Trait allows him to hack nearby enemies, revealing all nearby enemies. This would be the perfect class for sneaking into enemy territory, provided you’re stealthy enough. 

His Cyber Warfare Suit Specialty allows him to hack enemy equipment and in-world objects. In the trailer, we see him hack a control panel from a distance, putting up bollards and blocking an enemy car. 

Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza – Assault 

Battlefield 2042 Dozer specialist

Mexican Specialist Dozer is sure to be a powerful force on the battlefield, carrying an SOB-8 Ballistic Shield as his Speciality. This protects the Assault Specialist from all incoming projectiles, and we even see him kill an enemy with some sort of weapon through the shield.

For his Trait, he essentially has the E.O.D Perk from Warzone, where the Blast Resistant ability reduces explosive damage and allows him to recover quicker. 

Emma “Sundance” Rosier – Assault 

Battlefield 2042 sundance specialist

Wingsuits have been featured heavily in Battlefield 2042’s promotional material, and we now know that it’s attached to Emma “Sundance” Rosier. The Wingsuit acts as their Trait, where they can stealthily fly long distances. 

And their Smart Explosives Speciality allows them to switch between Anti-Armor, EMP, and Scatter Grenades. 

Ji-Soo Paik – Recon

Battlefield 2042 ji-soo paik specialist

Another Recon Specialist, Ji-Soo automatically spots enemies who damage her through her Threat Perception Trait. You better take this South Korean Specialist fast, because she’ll know exactly where you are. 

And for her Speciality, she essentially has wallhacks. The EMG-X Scanner highlights enemies through walls, so she is sure to be one of the best Specialists

Constantin “Angel” Anghel – Support 

Battlefield 2042 Angel specialist

Following Battlefield 2042’s Beta, there were several complaints that reviving was too slow, and players called for the old system to return. Romanian Specialist Angel appears to be the fix for this problem.

With his Trauma Specialist Trait, he almost instantly revives fallen teammates and restores their armor. And his Loadout Crate Speciality allows players to change their loadout at any point during a round. 

Battlefield 2042 final Specialists trailer

Below, you can check out the Battlefield 2042 trailer showcasing all of the final five Specialists and their abilities. This also gives us a much more in-depth look at some of the maps we are yet to play on, such as Kaleidoscope and Hourglass.

And those are the final five Specialists coming to Battlefield 2042 in November!

You can also check out all of the maps and weapons coming to the game. 

Image Credit: DICE / EA