Battlefield 2042 deemed “dead game” after placing last in Steam’s most-played list

Joseph Pascoulis
Battlefield 2042 hazard zone players

Battlefield 2042’s reputation worsens as it places at the very bottom of Steam’s most played games list just three months after its release.

Battlefield 2042 has arguably been DICE’s most poorly received installment of the FPS franchise ever as players have continued to expose its faults.

Despite players continuing to beg the developers for major fixes, the game has now placed dead last on Steam‘s most-played games list.

Battlefield 2042 player count

Battlefield 2042 was set to be a huge revival for the franchise, taking it back to the modern era which many associate with the best Battlefield games. However, this wasn’t the case, and what actually came to fruition was a game that definitely needs more time in development.

Reddit user Malthae1 is the one responsible for sharing the bad news for DICE, as they posted an image of Steam’s most-played games list with the caption: “Battlefield 2042 is currently at the bottom of the most played games on Steam.”

The image shows Battlefield 2042 at the bottom of the list with only 9,970 current players and a peak of 12,526.

What is pretty ironic is that even Battlefield V is higher up on the list, as well as FPS competitors like Halo Infinite and Counter-Strike.

One comment pointed out how much of a downfall this actually is: “that is CRAZY it started at what over 100,000 which is normal for a triple A game but jesus to go that far down is crazy. YES it’s only steam but you can suspect it is going down on ALL platforms.”

Another comment suggests that the Battlefield 2042 player count on Xbox is also poor: “I play Xbox and portal is dead, only 1 or 2 barely a quarter full which are ‘hardcore servers’. AOW, servers full of bots last time I checked(a week ago)Can only assume it has gotten worse since then.”

It’s a shame that such a loved franchise like Battlefield has fallen and taken such a hit to its reputation with 2042. It seems the countless bugs, issues, and lack of content have caused players to sway from the game.

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Image Credits: DICE

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