The Blood of Lathander makes every part of Astarion’s quest easier in BG3

Emily Stander
Cazador in Baldur's Gate 3

The Blood of Lathander is one of the strongest weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3, but it has a lot more uses than dealing damage when you’re in fights. Specifically, it’s the best item to get you through every step of Astarion’s questline.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a long list of strong gear that turn you into a true maniacal threat, but the Blood of Lathander stands out as a special one. Not only do you get it in Act 1, but it is absolutely the best weapon to use as you’re navigating through Astarion’s quest. 

Starting in Act 2, it actually serves as a great alternative to torches while you’re going through the Shadow-Cursed Lands. It still doesn’t help in the denser areas where you need a Pixie or Isobel’s blessing, but it’s a great start when you’re looking for Last Light Inn. 

Most interestingly, though, The Blood of Lathander is an excellent way to find, and kill, but we’ll get to that, Vampires. 

The sunlight that radiates from the weapon basically means that any spawn you would find in Act 3 will immediately start taking damage, even through floors.

Astarion choking Petras in Baldur's Gate 3
Petras is one of the Vampire Spawn you can find in the Flophouse.

“I was so confused why when I was wandering around a certain Flophouse there were some people taking damage and then healing through walls/floors. Then I found them and realized they were Vampire Spawn taking Radiant Damage,” ‘BrideOfFirkenstein’ shared on Reddit.

When Astarion shares his story with you, part of his quest (depending on your choices) is to find Vampire Spawn so they can give you more information. The Blood of Lathander makes this ridiculously easy. 

This is also true for any Vampire Spawn you free from Cazador’s castle just before you face him. If you go into the sewers afterward, you will find some of them there. 

It is worth noting, though, that hurting them with sunlight from The Blood of Lathander will likely cause them to aggro toward you. So, it may be an easy way to spot them, but usually if you’re actively seeking them out to kill them. 

Specifically, if you’re looking for Vampire Spawn to help find out what Cazador’s plans are, make sure to put The Blood of Lathander away. It’s likely that they’ll run away if they take damage before you can talk to them.

Lastly, The Blood of Lathander is also the best weapon you can use against Cazador, because using Sunlight on him stops him from using his powers. It’s already a tough fight, so that’s worth thinking about the next time you take him on.