Taking Araj Oblodra’s deal in Baldur’s Gate 3 gives major buff you might’ve missed

Emily Stander
Araj Oblodra in Baldur's Gate 3

Araj Oblodra is one of the more mysterious characters in Baldur’s Gate 3, and she makes you an even stranger deal. But, if you can find her in Act 2, it’s actually one worth taking.

Araj Oblodra can be easily missed in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, especially if you save the Nightsong before you head to Moonrise Towers for the first time. But, if you head to the lab East of the throne room, she will ask for some of your blood. 

It’s a strange request, but you should probably give her some of it. In return, you will get a special potion that is only specific to the race you are playing. All things considered, it’s a great reward for a small offering. 

If you have Astarion with you when you go and see her, she will ask him to bite her in exchange for a powerful potion. He will disapprove if you make him drink it with a Persuasion roll, but you will get the Potion of Everlasting Vigour in return. 

This potion permanently increases the Strength score of whoever drinks it by two, allowing Strength based BG3 characters to exceed 20 for the maximum score.

You can meet her again in Act 3, but this time, it may not be a great idea to give her blood as she asks for again. Mostly because, well, she can make your blood flammable and this could spell some danger for you and everyone around you. 

Aside from the explosive blood issue, though, if you bring Astarion with you again to speak with her you can get some interesting dialogue. And, if you’re playing as a Drow, you can learn more about her history and why her blood turns everyone’s favorite vampire off. 

Overall, you get a great effect and some interesting lore if you decide to share some of your blood with Araj. Perhaps giving it to her the second time is a bit questionable, but Baldur’s Gate 3 is all about experimenting with strange requests. 

Here are all the potions you can get when you meet her in Moonrise Towers, depending on your race: 

Drow/ElfElixir of Elven EleganceIncreases movement speed by 10 meters, grants darkvision, and gives immunity to being charmed until long rest.
DragonbornElixir of Dragonborn ProwessAdvantage on Intimidation and Persuasion checks, resistance to element associated with the Dragonborn subrace, and ability to cast a Level 3 spell of that element once.
DwarfElixir of Dwarven ResilienceAbility to add the character’s proficiency bonus to saving throws and lasts for three successes or until long rest.
GithyankiElixir of Githyanki ProvidenceAbility to cast Misty Step, Invigorating Leap, and Blur once until long rest.
GnomeElixir of Gnomish IngenuityGain proficiency in Sleight of Hand and can cast Knock once until long rest.
Half-ElfElixir of Half-Elven HealingHeals you and surrounding allies an amount equal to your Constitution score.
Half-OrcElixir of Half-Orcish FuryIf you are reduced to zero hit points before your next long rest, you will instead drop to one.
HalflingElixir of Halfling LuckGain advantage on all skill checks until long rest.
HumanElixir of Human VersatilityGain proficiency in all skills until long rest.
TieflingElixir of Tiefling ViceAbility to cast Thaumaturgy, Hellish Rebuke, Burning Hands, and Flame Blade once each until long rest.

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