Powerful Baldur’s Gate 3 character is so weak players think she’s bugged

Emily Stander
Dame Aylin in Baldur's Gate 3

The Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3 is revered throughout the game as one of the strongest beings to ever exist. Despite her reputation, players have found that her skills in battle have proved to be a little lackluster, and now they know why. 

If you’ve been wondering why Dame Aylin feels a bit weak in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’re not alone. Players have been asking this question for a while, as it hasn’t made sense to them that the daughter of a goddess gets kidnapped and killed so easily. 

Some players think that the main reason why she is known as so powerful in the game has to do with her immortality and not her fighting abilities. 

“I think most people just assume that she’s a badass based on her appearance and speech. Personally, I thought her power that everyone coveted was her immortality,” one player explained on a Reddit post titled “Dame Aylin is so weak it feels like a bug.”

This, in tandem with the fact that she is incredibly charismatic, may give players the impression that she is an excellent fighter when that isn’t the point of her character. Dame Aylin is meant to be a beacon of hope rather than the person who will save everyone with her sword. 

On the other hand, some players pointed out that she is recovering from being tortured for hundreds of years, which would obviously affect her abilities. 

“She has been kept prisoner and killed over and over again for a hundred years. She has PTSD. She’s doing her best!” a player commented.

Whatever the real reason may be, players felt that Baldur’s Gate 3 could have been a little more nuanced about the power that she holds. Overall, players acknowledge that she is strong narratively, but that could be tweaked a little to match her power in battle. 

“The problem is that the game made this contrast needlessly. They portrayed her as powerful and the way she swoops across the sky makes you feel exactly that she is a being of vast power, and then nope, she sucks,” a player commented. 

Despite her questionable battle skills, The Nightsong remains one of the most loved characters in the game, and that can’t be taken away from her no matter how many hits she needs to take an enemy down.

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