What is KP in Apex Legends? What is it, how to earn it, & max limit

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With Apex Legends gaining a lot of attention recently, some players may be confused about what KP is, and the maximum amount you can achieve in a Ranked match. Our guide will cover everything you need to know.

For those that have just started to get into Apex Legends, the game can definitely seem pretty intimidating.

New players will have to learn Legends, weapons, and certain gameplay mechanics but Apex Legends also comes with terminology that players use to describe certain features of the game. This is especially true within Ranked Leagues and the ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) esports scene.

With that being said, let’s get into what Apex Legends KP is and how much you can gain per match.

What is KP in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends KP

KP stands for Kill Points and to gain RP (Ranked Points), you’ll need to rack up kills and assists to multiply your RP, and the overall term for this kill and assist multiplier is KP.

Apex Legends has had a ranked playlist for some time now, with players loving the competitive grind of hoping to reach the ranks of Master and Apex Predator. In the Season 10 update, Respawn also added a ranked mode for the popular 3v3 mode, Arenas, giving players a further playlist to grind out.

Although a lot of how the ranked modes work is explained in the in-game descriptions, there is certain terminology that players will have to get to grips with.

Some of you may know that you will need to acquire Ranked Points to climb the ranks, better known as RP. In Arenas ranked, this is known as AP, Arenas Points.

How to earn KP in Apex Legends

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In order to earn KP, players will need to gain kills and assists in Apex Legends’ Ranked Leagues. KP is simply the term used for kills and assists, and players will need to get KP to perform well, as well getting high match placement.

If you finish a game with three Apex Legends KP, this means you got a combined total of three kills and assists. It doesn’t matter how many kills you had over assists, or vice versa, as they both count for the same multiplier.

Apex Legends KP max limit

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Prior to Season 12, the KP multiplayer was uncapped. However, in Season 12 players can get a maximum of 125 RP from kills and assists (KP) no matter where they place. You’ll have to place high in order to achieve the maximum amount of RP in a match.

Further, depending on the rank difference between you and your victim, you will gain a slightly different amount of KP. You will gain more RP for killing higher ranks and less for lower ranks. The amount of RP you will gain from a kill on a player who is the same rank will always be 10 RP, but if they are a rank lower or higher, you will either gain or lose extra points.

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