Strange Apex Legends bug breaks every reactive gun skin

Hamza Khalid
Volt reactive skin in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players are being plagued by a new glitch that has broken all of the reactive gun skins, with many of the cosmetics showing the wrong effects.

Respawn Entertainment have added various cosmetic items to Apex Legends since its launch. Reactive skins are among the most popular ones in the game as they all have some effect on your weapons.

These Legendary tier collectible show up at the end of the season’s Battle Pass so it takes some time to get your hands on them. However, players have noticed a bug that’s keeping them from working properly.

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Apex Legends G7 Scout reactive skin

This Apex Legends glitch has effectively broken all the Reactive skins in the game. Reddit user Belloq56 came up with an explanation for why the cosmetics are showing the wrong effects.

“So basically, the internal ID of every single skin in the game got moved over by 1,” they wrote. “What this means in terms of gameplay is, for 99% of the skins, nothing changed. However, many have noticed their reactive skins behaving strangely.”

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One notable example is the Bound in Bone skin reacting with the effects of the Dragon’s Spine cosmetic. Players have noted that when a Reactive skin isn’t showing an incorrect animation it’s using no effect at all.

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Reddit user Belloq56 explaining why the Apex Legends Reactive skins are broken

At the time of writing, it’s unclear when exactly the developers will fix this strange glitch. Until they release an update patch, the Reactive skins will continue to show the wrong effects in the game.

While this is unfortunate, it does provide the unique opportunity to test out how the effects of one skin look on the body of another. So, you might find a fun new combination before it’s removed by the devs.

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Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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