NICKMERCS explains why Catalyst could be “a problem” in Apex Legends Season 15

Joseph Pascoulis

While reacting to the Apex Legends Season 15 launch trailer, popular streamer Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff shared his opinions on the new Legend Catalyst, believing her anti-scan potential could shift the meta.

Apex Legends Season 15 is almost here, and while players gear up for the new season, they can even get a glimpse at the brand-new moon map thanks to an in-game teaser, which some have gotten more out of than the devs maybe bargained for.

Respawn Entertainment have provided some information on what players can expect for the new season, including details on the brand-new Legend, Catalyst.

In fact, despite not releasing the character’s full abilities list yet, the launch trailer portrayed Catalyst’s kit, allowing the community to see how her abilities will work in-game. NICKMERCS reacted to the launch trailer and Catalyst’s abilities, claiming she could be “a problem.”

When a new character arrives in Apex Legends, they usually shake the meta up and cause a few disturbances among the pick rates for Legends. It seems Catalyst will be no different, as when NICKMERCS saw some of her abilities in the launch trailer, he reacted by saying the character is going to “change everything.”

This is primarily due to Catalyst’s anti-scan potential with what seems to be her Ultimate ability, a massive ferrofluid wall that blocks Seer’s scan in the trailer. In response to her anti-scan potential, NICKMERCS says “if it really does block Seer’s stuff, then Seer’s not going to be played anymore.”

The scan meta has been going strong for some seasons now, and Seer has been dominating the ranked mode and competitive Apex scene since players realized his potential. However, perhaps Respawn are aiming to shift away from this meta with Catalyst.

Despite what the launch trailer shows, it’s all unclear at the moment, and NICKMERCS himself says “you never know” just how much a new Legend will impact the meta until they release and players can their hands on them

NICKMERCS and the Apex Legends community will just have to wait until Season 15’s launch on November 1 to see just how strong Catalyst’s abilities will be.

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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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