New Apex Legends leak reveals Crypto’s ‘heirloom’ optic in the game files

apex legends crypto heirloom

New leaks have surfaced showing off a Crypto-specific optic which seems to also be associated with his heirloom, but is it actually hinting at a rework?

Apex Legends has had a few recent updates, including some nerfs to Valkyrie’s Jetpack and the fix for Wattson’s accidental Season 9 bug.

Although one of the devs announced that the upcoming month would be a bit of a “dry spell”, a dataminer has found something in the files to get the fans speculating on some future exciting content.

apex legends crypto heirloom

The Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy update introduced loads of new content into the game. From the 3v3 Arenas mode to the new Legend Valkyrie, all the new code in the files allowed dataminers to reveal future content.

This lead to the dataminers finding out about Revenants heirloom, which many suspect to be the next one released due to how detailed it is in the files.

Dataminers have provided some very reliable leaks in the past, with content like the Bow, Valkyrie herself, and the Bangalore heirloom all coming to fruition.

apex legends crypto heirloom

Apex Legends Crypto Heirloom Optic

Dataminer @HumanSAS_ revealed the new item on Twitter, calling it the unreleased “Crypto Heirloom Optic.”

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This has ultimately confused many people, leaving people unsure whether this item is an heirloom rarity item, or whether it is actually associated with Crypto’s heirloom.

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Heirlooms generally don’t offer anything on top of being cosmetic, strictly giving the Legend a new melee animation that does the same damage. This is to avoid the pay-to-win controversy but still offer those who want to spend money on the game something to brag about.

With this in mind, another dataminer, @GarretLeaks, weighed in on the situation, stating that the optic has “nothing to do” with Crypto’s actual heirloom:

“This is an optic for guns much like the HCOG. I don’t know why it has the name referring to an heirloom in the files but its nothing to do with it atm. This is no different from the HCOG sight as of right now so this does not confirm the heirloom folks!”

Perhaps this item is actually to do with Crypto’s upcoming rework, or maybe it is simply a new heirloom rarity optic for players to find.

For more on Apex Legends, stay tuned via Charlie INTEL and check out our recent article on the fix coming for the Arenas matchmaking.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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